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Dance & Play

Join in on the dancing fun with your Little Bear!

Dance & Play Sessions

Our Dance & Play sessions are perfect for young children looking to take their first dancing steps. This is the perfect class for parents looking to be involved in a play session with their child. No dance experience required!

Age Range

Our sessions are suitable for both non-walkers and walkers. Our experienced dance teacher is able to customise the dance routine to suit the ages of all involved.

We would love to welcome you to Little Bears and for you to join us with your little one for a uplifting and educational dance journey. Watch as they grow in confidence, improve their coordination, and develop a love for the art of dance. Let’s dance and play together!

Our Experience

Charlie, our qualified instructor, is experienced in working with children and creating a lively and engaging atmosphere. She understands the importance of play in early childhood development and integrates it seamlessly into the dance sessions.

Through a combination of dance routines, games, and creative activities, your little bear will not only learn the basics of dancing but also develop their social skills, confidence, and creativity. Charlie makes sure to cater to the individual needs and abilities of each child, to create a supportive environment.

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We aim at Little bears is to provide a truly unforgettable service, which is why all of our staff are fully qualified teachers, each with over 8 years of experience. Recruiting this level of talent allows us to go above and beyond, which is why we guarantee you will leave Little Bears with a huge smile on your face.